About Michelle

Michelle Patton Therapy, Gold Coast Hypnotherapy

A private practice providing Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP, Psychotherapy, Counselling, and TRTP

We all develop patterns of behaviour to keep us safe. These patterns are replicated and become our default way of relating or behaving.

We can become stuck in these familiar patterns of behaviour, even when they are no longer serving our needs. These behaviours that once enhanced and protected us, are stopping us from developing and growing.

We often call these defence mechanisms, disguises, masks or unconscious core beliefs. I have worked with many clients to enable them to release the restraints of their past, to move forward and create the life they crave.

I work with clients face to face and online to enable individuals to gain awareness and generate momentum to move forward in their lives.


I am a Lecturer at Hypnotherapy Training Australia where I love to teach and pass on my knowledge and life experiences to the next generation of Therapists.

I am an accredited Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Counsellor and I have maintained a presence in the corporate sector as a HR Consultant. I specialise is resolving workplace disputes and enhancing workplace relations.

Michelle Patton Therapy, Gold Coast Hypnotherapy