Hypnotherapy for Anxiety

Hypnotherapy for Anxiety - Michelle Patton Therapy

What is anxiety?

It is the minds way of naturally alerting the body of danger though physical sensations.

Anxiety is a term that is widely used to label worry, fear, and overwhelm. All of which are normal feelings that are vital to our survival in everyday life. If we didn’t experience these feelings, our brain wouldn’t register danger and send signals to move to safety.

Feelings can be activated by remembering, perceiving or experiencing a threat. The threat doesn’t have to be real. Our body responds to the information provided by our brain. If we’re thinking thoughts of dread, fear, worry – our body will automatically respond.

Problems occur when symptoms of anxiety occur constantly, often caused by an over active mind or replaying a distressing past event.

If we erase these symptoms – will you still be able to say you have anxiety? If you’re struggling with symptoms of anxiety book an appointment.