Peri-Menopause and Menopausal Changes

Life Stage Changes - Michelle Patton Therapy

Our lives are continually changing

Mastering earlier life stages may effect the way we behave in adulthood. For example trust, love, identity, purpose and competence.

As humans we grow and go through life stages from the day we are born. Some of these life stages may cause angst and stress such as:

We also go through stages when making a decision, or putting off making a decision. We can get stuck in the stages of deciding and loose momentum.

If you’re struggling with life stages or decision making in general please book a consultation.

Work Place Change

In this ever changing world there is no such thing as a job for life any more, sometimes even a career for life. We may work for many companies, change jobs numerous times and also change career.

These changes can be voluntary as well as involuntary and present unexpected and difficult personal challenges.

Many people’s sense of self and sometimes their purpose in life is tied to their job. They can experience grief or shock when sudden change occurs.

Navigating significant workplace changes and challenges often requires support and a transition plan to make the necessary adjustments.

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