Relationship Counselling

Relationship Counselling - Michelle Patton Therapy

Relationship Challenges

Humans are relational beings. We survive by being in relationships with each other. We survive by belonging to a tribe, a group or a family. How we navigate our role, and own our space in relationship with others can be a tricky – to say the least.

We have relationships in all areas of our lives, work, partners, romantic relationships, parent-child, child-parent and the most important of all … the relationship we have with ourselves. Do we even know ourselves? We get stuck in the daily grind of being the mother, the wife , the father, the son, the daughter, the colleague, the provider, the cook, the list goes on.

We can adopt a role without being in touch with who we are and we lose ourselves. If you need help navigating your relationships and direction in life, please book a consultation.
Together we will look at:
Relationship Counselling - Michelle Patton Therapy