Clinical Hypnotherapy

Michelle patton Therapy, Clinical Hypnotherapy

There are many mysteries surrounding hypnotherapy

There are many misconceptions. We’ve all seen performance hypnosis where an entertainer makes people quack like a duck or act out of character stage. This is not going to happen.

A clinical hypnotherapy session is very different.

The session will begin with a discussion about your situation, focusing on a problem or issue that you want to work on. Michelle will then assist you into a physically and mentally relaxed state.

Hypnotherapy is effective because the conscious mind relaxes, and the subconscious mind becomes open to encouragement and guidance that can influence changes in thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

What is trance?

This is something we have all experienced without even knowing it. Do you drive to work or do the school run taking the same route each time? Do you sometimes wonder how you got there? That’s a light trance. You are fully in control and can come out any time you chose

That is all hypnosis is.

The hypnotherapist is not in control of the client. You won’t say or do anything against your will or that you wouldn’t choose to say or do outside of the session.

Michelle Patton Therapy, Clinical Hypnotherapy